Thursday, October 18, 2007

Her heart gallops when she sees the monster
But she does not blink or scream
It isn’t paralysis that keeps her still
But the heart of a thoughtful warrior

Draw his attention away from her, Bryah,
Don’t look him in the eye
…is he even human?
What does he want?

Oh, I see.
So that’s what you want.
Back slowly into the kitchen
Grab the rolling pin on the counter

Swing with all your might—
Stars pinwheel across the horizon
Pain and blood and shards of glass

Black, blurry light
A little girl’s scream.
Germaine. NO!
The sound of heavy footsteps

Pounding across the floor
Out the door.


Hur hur hur, I wrote this in about five minutes. It does not have proper punctuation. Or interesting words. Or nifty poetic devices. So I'd like to re-write it in the future. It's a story I'm working on in my head. About a group of demons living in the Everglades. They're immigrants from Haiti. And they think Germaine is the reincarnation of their Queen. Germaine is a six-year-old little girl and Bryah is her sixteen-year-old older sister; the protagonist. Their parents died when Germaine was a baby and they now live with their uncle who is never home because he works three jobs. Bryah is calm, confident and pragmatic. Nothing phases her. She's a loner by nature, but she's forced to enlist the help of several kids from school when her sister is kidnapped. I haven't really figured out the back story yet, but I'm really looking forward to writing Bryah's story. Others see her as emotionless and robotic, but that's just because she's a private person and has a great poker face. She's also fearless and honourable and I think her first encounter with one of the demons will be really interesting. The idea actually came from listening to Iron Maiden's "Dance of the Dead." Amazing, amazing song.

But in conclusion, this kind of free verse style is how I'd like to start writing some of my future entries. :3 AND NOW BACK TO OUR REGULAR PROGRAMMING: ESSAY THAT IS DUE TOMORROW! (i.e. stop writing poetry and start analyzing Blake, damnit)!

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