Monday, April 2, 2007

Just a reader

I am a reader. I've been reading fairly avidly by myself since I was 11--L. J. Smith and Animorphs still own my soul. Started flipping through Julie Garwood books from my mom's collection at age 12 out of curiosity. Cut my teeth on romance novels at the same age when I read Stella Cameron's *True Bliss.* At the age of 20, I own over 500 romance novels. Still not all that into historical romance. Still hoping Octavia Butler will come back from the dead and join forces with Ursula K. Le Guin to revolutionize the romance genre (because, c'mon, sci-fi + romance + versatile amazing kick-ass authors = so much amazingness). Dean Koontz can join them too. =)

So yes, 95% of what I read comes from the romance genre. Obviously I like the romance genre, but I've been having some trouble with it lately. In fact, I can't seem to stop criticizing it and demanding more diversity. The fact that I recently analyzed Catherine Anderson's newest book for an essay is very indicative of my changing attitude toward the genre. But I still love the genre and I foresee it going in a lot of exciting new places in the future. I want to hear new voices, see new forms of it, and one-dimensional archetype characters just aren't going to fly with me anymore (Sasha Lord, I think you're a fantastic new author, but your latest book and heroine? She made me want to strangle her myself).

This blog shall therefore be used to connect me to the widening world of author blogging. I haven't really discovered too many author blogs out there, mostly because I haven't really been searching, but so far my two favourites are PBW (S. L. Viehl) and The Way There (Monica Jackson). It may be interesting to note that I discovered Monica's blog through S. L. Viehl's blog and love the excerpts of her books and the woman herself so much, that I will probably end up buying her entire backlog. I'd say these two writers are on to something, wouldn't you...? ^_~

Next on the list: I would love to see Suzanne Brockmann, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and Julia Quinn get blogs too. (I would also like to see Suzanne write that Kirck/Spock Star Trek series I know she's always wanted to. I'd like to see SEP do some gender bending with her characters like I know she's always wanted to. Aaand I'd like to see Julia do some sci-fi erotica graphic novels).

P.S. Dean Koontz, why have you not broken in to the romance genre yet? (What's the hold-up, man!)

P. P. S. Fine, fine, I'll admit it! I haven't exactly read all that much by Octavia Butler, Ursula le Guin, or Dean Koontz. But the books I HAVE come in contact with were pretty amazing, and I intend to read more! :D

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